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"Osiyo" to the people of all nations.

  We are located in North Carolina.We make Native American Beadwork products. We only use glass beads, wood, bone, leather(s) and natural products in all of our creations. We incorporate a lot of "Old Time Trade Beads" to our work products. All of our work is made by us, and by a few friends.

  We have been adding new pages to our store! The sections are Knifes & Blades and Fans. Coming soon is the Bone Page -- showing Chokers, Wrist Bracelets, Armbands, etc.

  Also check out our "About Us" Page for more information. We still respect the old ways on our paths to the stories of our hearts. We do not make mass reproduction items.

We are happy to provide to you a posting of all Pow Wows that will be going on in our local area.

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Email us on any questions you may have.

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